AKC Yorkshire Terriers
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About Our Champion Bloodline Yorkies

From The Start:

Raising Champion Bloodline AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers has been a hobby of ours for quite a long time and we enjoy every minute of it. We have been enjoying the lovely breed of Yorkies since 1999. Our adults have graduated from AKC obience training through K-9 Manners and More in Broken Arrow, OK. We are originally from Tulsa, OK but have now made our permanent home in Emond, Oklahoma. All of our Yorkies are AKC registered. Our Yorkies weigh between 3-6 pounds. Our Yorkie Sires, Romeo and Tink, come from a line of AKC Champions Yorkies. You can view the pedigree here.

The Birth:

When a baby Yorkie is born, it weighs on average about 4 ounces. This isn't very much, and they have to burrow under their momma to stay warm. We are there by the mother's side during the entire birthing process beginning with the first stage of labor. It is typically about a 3 hour process. The mothers instictually know exactly what to do, and we typically do not have to assist. On average, a Yorkie gives birth to approximately 1-3 Yorkie Pups.


The Yorkie puppies are born with their eyes closed, long tails, and dew claws. Around day 3 after birth, the Yorkie Pups are taken in for tail docking and dew claw removal. Within about 2 weeks, the eyes start to open, and the puppies begin to scoot around. Between 4-6 weeks, the puppies start to sample water and food along with their nursing. We start our puppies on Royal Canin Baby Dog food that has been moistened with water. This is the best food I Have found for this stage. It has the highest nutritional value with the smallest kibble. By 8 weeks of age, our puppies will have been vaccinated and wormed, and switched to Eukanuba brand puppy food. At this time, I will also take them to our vet for a Certified Health Wellnes Check.

New Home:

The time at which a Yorkie puppy is ready to go to a new home is dependent upon the puppy itself and can vary significantly. The smaller the puppy is, the longer I require it to stay with me. I never let a puppy leave me prior to 8 weeks of age. At 7 weeks of age, I wean the puppy from the mother and place him/her in a crate of their own. This helps with an easier transition to a new home and/or airline travel. And, hopefully, it will help give a new owner a more peaceful first night, because you will have a puppy that has been acclimated to being seperated from it's mother. This also helps with creating less stress for the puppy when it goes to a new home. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in owning a Yorkshire Terrier to familiarize yourself with the risks, signs, and prevention of Hypoglycemia. It is a matter of Life and Death for a Yorkie.




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