Introducing my Pampered Puppies

Hello. I’m Marlies. I wanted to talk some time to introduce you to my pampered puppies. I have three dogs now. My Maggie, a cocker spaniel who is about 11 years old. My dad had found her in the community a few years ago and we took her in. My dad has since passed away and she is missing him still today. Prior to my dad’s passing, he was looking for a puppy (he always wanted a puppy) he found one online but never told me about it. My dad passed away on August 31 and the very next day on September 1 I had a delivery at the door with a precious puppy I named Harley. He is a short hair Chihuahua and is smart and funny too. I have since added another one to the family, her name is Angel, a long hair Chihuahua.

They love their beds, which makes me happy

Maggie, bless her little heart, just always slept with my dad. Since he, passed she has been torn about where to sleep. I just went to the local box store and purchased a cheap dog beg pillow, but she didn’t seem very comfortable on that. I was now in search of something that would make her feel like a truly pampered puppy. Wow, there are certainly so many choices out there, it makes deciding very difficult. I eventually decided on this bed She loves this bed and is in it all the time, and even with the other puppies, she still feels special. I chose this bed for many reasons. First, being that it looks like an actual person bed, but made for dogs. Second, it is easy to clean and take care of. Third, reasonably priced too.

And of course, the little ones have to feel pampered as well…

Yes. After seeing how much Maggie enjoyed her new dog bed (that looks like an actual bed)  I just had to go and get some for the little babies. Harley got this bed and Angel got this bed They all or so happy to have these new beds and it makes mommy happy too!

More to come on Maggie, Harley, and Angel to come. My precious pampered puppies.

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